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Home Page#

The home page of your CTF can be configured with various content in markdown and HTML via homeContent or RCTF_HOME_CONTENT.

In addition to normal HTML, you can use some custom elements.

  • <timer></timer>: a countdown timer until the beginning or end of the CTF
  • <sponsors></sponsors>: a list of sponsor cards (see configuration)
  • <action-button></action-button>: a button with hover effects, generally used as a link to /register
homeContent: |
  # Heading

  ### Subheading

  <action-button href="/register">
    <span>Register Now</span>
    <svg viewBox="4 4 16 16"><path fill="#ffffff" d="M16.01 11H4v2h12.01v3L20 12l-3.99-4z"></path></svg>


  ### Sponsors
  Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this event possible!


The <sponsors> element can be used to display cards for the sponsors listed in the config under sponsors.


The sponsors key takes an array of sponsor elements, which are each an object with the following properties:

Key Default Description
name (none) sponsor name
icon (none) sponsor icon URL
description (none) sponsor description
small false whether to show as a compact card


  - name: Foo
    description: |
      An excellent sponsor
  - name: Bar
    description: |
      An excellent sponsor
    small: true